Solaray Fenugreek 1240 mg 180 capsules كبسولات الحلبة من سولاري



Solaray Fenugreek 1420 mg 180 capsules

The ideal solution for thinness 👌 It does not contain cortisone 👌 American made and very safe 👌 Now with the American Fenugreek capsules 😍 The box is 180 capsules The dose is two capsules twice daily American fenugreek capsules work to gain weight and those who suffer from thinness, a completely natural product and safe for health and does not There are no side effects. It works to stimulate the appetite and increase weight in a healthy way, not water on the skin. The daily dose contains two capsules twice a day. It increases 2000 calories from the body’s need, thus guaranteeing you a monthly weight gain of approximately 7 to 10 kilograms, and it does not contain anything. It has side effects and is used from the age of 18 years and over


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