Pregnacare New Mum – 56 Tablets


pregnacare new mum provides maximum support of nutrition and vitamins to new mothers after pregnancy to help compensate for calcium deficiency and prevent low hemoglobin levels before birth.


Detailed description of Brigna Care-new mum product:
Pregnacare new mum is a nutritional supplement containing the vitamins and minerals that the mother needs after pregnancy, and pregnacare new mum is the first step for healthy motherhood because Pregnacare New Mum gives you an integrated and balanced care with the nutrients it contains such as collagen so important for increasing the bone mass of the mother because Pregnacare New Mam cares In women’s health, pregnacare new mum contains beta-carotene and acts as an antioxidant to improve skin health and Pregenacare contains biotin, which enhances the strength of nails and promotes healthy hair and skin, and vitamin Pregnacare contains the most important mineral elements that the mother needs after pregnancy, such as very important iron. To compensate for the lack of iron in the body after pregnancy, and it contains vitamin D and calcium in very appropriate concentrations in order to prevent osteoporosis that affects the mother, as a result of the fetus absorbing the two elements during pregnancy for the correct growth and also contains magnesium and manganese, and vitamin Pregnacare contains chromium, zinc and copper.

Dosage and usage of Pregna Care-new mum:
Two tablets daily of Pregnacare supplement for the mother.

Do not exceed the recommended dose of Pregnacare vitamin for the mother
Do not store this medicine in a dry and cool place
keep away from the reach of the children


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