Nature’s Bounty Evening Prime Rose oil 1000 mg



Evening primrose capsules

The benefits of evening primrose oil are multiple; It works to support bone and heart health, heal skin and hair beauty, treat fatigue, and have many other benefits to support women’s health

📌Benefits of primrose oil capsules

👈It is used for pregnant women to prevent high blood pressure (eclampsia), and prevents late births.

👈 Relieves menstrual symptoms and symptoms of virus infection.

👈 Treats skin essence such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

👈 Breast pain reduces the severity of hot flashes.

👈 Treats problems with the device and the automated colon.

👈 Reduces damage caused by diabetes.

👈Stimulates healthy hair growth, moisturizes and moisturizes hair.

📌How to use primrose oil pills

You should take one capsule daily after taking the main tablets


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