menopace Original 30 Tablets


Menopace original is the best dietary supplement suitable for women in the period of menopause or as it is called “menopause”, as Menopace works to support and regulate hormonal change.

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Detailed description of Menopace Original:
During the forties, a woman may suffer from menopause or Menopause, which is a natural vital stage in which a hormonal change occurs, and by which the reproductive years end and the level of the hormone estrogen decreases, and it is usually accompanied by several symptoms, including hot flashes and sleep problems. To control and regulate the hormonal change for women, it is recommended to use menopace original, which is one of the drugs for the treatment of menopause, as it comes with several important vitamins for the woman’s body, as Menopace pills reduce the symptoms of menopause and compensate the body with vitamin deficiencies, as it contains gamma carboxylutamic acid to regulate the hormonal change and vitamin Menopace contributes Also in the freshness and beauty of your skin, it also contains vitamin D, which contributes to strengthening the bones, which after menopause are exposed to weakness and fragility, and women may be exposed to osteoporosis and therefore menopace original is considered one of the hormones replacement menopause.

Menopausal symptoms:
Symptoms of menopause at the age of fifty or the signs of menopause are many and vary in degrees, so we will show you the most important of them:
The menstrual cycle becomes irregular and the period may be longer or shortened.
Women in that period are exposed to hot flashes, which are a feeling of high temperature in the head, neck and chest area
Women may experience sleep disturbances.
Women are subject to mood changes and this may be due to sleep disturbances.
A woman experiences problems in the vagina when it loses its elasticity due to a lack of the hormone estrogen.
During this period fertility decreases and the ability to conceive, but nevertheless it can happen as long as the menstrual cycle is not interrupted.
A woman may experience osteoporosis due to a decrease in estrogen.

Dosage and method of use:
One tablet daily of menopace original with the main meal with a drink of water or a drink
It is not chewed and is best taken on a full stomach.
Or take doses as per doctor’s advice.

Warnings for Menopace:
Store below 25 degrees in a dry place.
Keep out of reach of children
In the event of an allergy to any of the ingredients, it is prohibited to use it.


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