Feroglobin liquid 200 ML


feroglobin, a children’s nutritional supplement, that treats iron deficiency anemia in children and adults.

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Detailed description of ferroglobin syrup:
feroglobin ferroglobin is one of the most important nutritional supplements for children, as it contains vitamins and minerals that the child’s body needs in its early stages of development, and in these stages the child may suffer from a deficiency of important elements such as iron, vitamin B, vitamin D, copper, manganese, and zinc. These nutrients are very important for the child in his growth stages, because vitamins are very important for building bones, skin, and nerves, and iron is very important to increase the number of red blood cells, to keep them from anemia and thus strong immunity and a disease-free body, and the feroglobin preparation comes with a white honey extract. , Barley, and natural fruit extract, ferroglobin syrup is an appetizer for children to treat weight loss, the drug ferroglobin treats malnutrition in children, and imported ferroglobin is also described in some cases for pregnant women.

Dosage of Feroglobin Syrup for children:
feroglobin ferroglobin for children (1-2 years) half a teaspoon twice daily.
Feroglobin syrup for children (3-12 years) one teaspoonful two or three times a day.
Feroglobin medicine, for adults, one teaspoon twice daily.

Do not exceed the prescribed dose of ferroglobin, because an excess of iron in the body leads to poisoning
Feroglobin Syrup keep out of reach of children
Feroglobin should be kept in a cool, dry place


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