Vichy densi solution


Shampoo and conditioner:

For the treatment of scalp spaces

They work to thicken weak and thin hair.
It purifies the scalp of impurities and rejuvenates the hair from its roots.
It strengthens the hair fibers for thicker, healthier hair.
Especially for women who suffer from weak hair, low hair thickness, and decreased hair volume and for women

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Awakening the stem cells and thus activating the follicles and thus hair regrowth.
Powerful antioxidants to eliminate the harmful effect of oxidizing agents.
Anti-aging substances for the scalp and follicles, which is a major cause of hair loss.
Scalp spaces will begin to fill during the first 6 weeks and the growth of 1600 hairs within 3 months.
How to use:
10 sprays on the scalp in the places of voids with a massage with the fingers of the hand.


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