Rogaine Foam 5%


Dermatologists’ # 1 choice for treating baldness and poor hair growth
Foams deep into the scalp and hair follicles and boosts protein production, so it revives them, promotes hair growth again and increases its density
* The foam helps to grow new hair by 25% within three months


* This product contains
(1) 5%  minoxidil, which increases hair follicle size and promotes thick hair growth
(2) Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which promotes the natural exfoliation of the scalp skin to keep hair follicles open.
(3) It contains natural herbs and moisturizers to maintain the vitality and moisture of the scalp to provide the appropriate environment for hair growth
How to use :
Place an amount of foam the size of a fist on clean fingers and apply it to dry hair and gently massage the scalp
This method is repeated twice daily
The result will appear in 3-6 months
*Safe for color-treated hair
* Important warnings:
1) Eye spots should be avoided
** Package size is 60g
The box is 3 packages


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