Probiotic puritan’s pride


Product: Probiotic puritan’s pride (3 billion) (100 chewable tab.)
Country: USA
Amount: 100 chewable tab.

It is the substances produced by the beneficial bacteria that encourage the reproduction of other bacteria, that is, they do the opposite of what antibiotics kill the bacteria, so probiotics are effective protection against diseases of the digestive system, and although probiotics are effective in treating diseases of the digestive system in particular, it is not It is still used as a dietary supplement, not a medicine.

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Properties of probiotic bacteria:
The bacteria in the human digestive system have several functions, which are protecting the body from harmful bacteria, producing various vitamins and minerals, as well as helping to absorb food well, treating colitis, Crohn’s disease, bad breath, preventing osteoporosis, reducing fungal infections. Of the vagina in women.
As for probiotics, they have important therapeutic properties in children in particular:
* Probiotics reduce the period of inflammation and digestive diseases.
* Protection from respiratory diseases.
* Relief of allergic rashes.
* Treating nutritional deficiencies, as it helps to produce several vitamins in the digestive system.
* Reduce gases.
* Treating constipation and colic.


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