Priorin N 90 Capsules


Priorin n is a natural nutritional supplement specialized in treating damaged hair and is a preparation made from the best natural extracts that strengthen hair follicles, which play an important role in treating hair loss and weak growth


Detailed description of Priorin N capsules:
Priorin n is not a medical product, but rather a cosmetic product to treat hair loss and strengthen the follicles. Priorin n has been prepared from natural ingredients such as wheat germ oil, which represents an integrated natural vital food because it contains many vitamins and acids. This millet grain is rich in vitamins that help strengthen the follicles. Hair, such as niacin and thiamine, and these components are considered natural antioxidants, vitamin B, biotin, cysteine ​​and calcium pantothanate, and this substance is also one of the important substances and vitamins for hair growth and revitalization of the scalp. Vanillin and cysteine, and this substance works to terribly strengthen hair and increase its density as cysteine ​​is the main component of keratin.

How to use Priorin N:
Priorin n is used two to three capsules daily.

Priorin N preparation contains many vitamins, as we have mentioned above, it causes some cases of insomnia because the vitamins stimulate the mind, which makes surrender to sleep difficult and the vitamins also act as an appetite suppressant, it may cause weight gain so please consult your doctor and also warn against using it during pregnancy and lactation periods


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