Pregnacare Max

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what is Pregnacare Max 84 tablets / capsule? Pregnacare Max 84 tap / cap?
Pregnacare Max is a complete line of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids needed to support the health of a pregnant woman and nourish the fetus. The product comes in a twin pack of 84 tablets / capsules.
Contains: Calcium and vitamin D tablets, capsules containing omega-3 fatty acids, there is no need to buy many vitamins and products, Pregnacare Max is a complete product that contains a comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals

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How to use Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max?
It is preferable to refer to the doctor to determine the appropriate dose of Pregnacare Max, but being a product that contains vitamins and minerals is indispensable
The preferred dose is to get the necessary needs of the body
It is to take 2 tablets of Pregnacare Max with an omega-3 capsule, the dose is taken with the main meal, take it with an adequate amount of water and fluids, these tablets are for swallowing and not for chewing, Pregnacare Max Multivitamin is a product that contains everything a pregnant woman needs to maintain her health and the health of her fetus. Therefore, you will not need any other product or vitamin with it, only Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max for a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy for you and your baby.


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