Pregnacare breastfeeding 84 Tablets


pregnacare breastfeeding is a nutritional supplement for postpartum and breastfeeding mothers to replenish the mother’s body with the vitamins and minerals she lost during pregnancy. It helps produce breast milk with nutritional value, raises energy levels, strengthens bones, and maintains overall health.


Detailed product description:
pregnacare breastfeeding is a multivitamin for breastfeeding mothers that provides a healthy and varied diet for post-pregnancy mothers, and helps in producing nutritious breast milk for babies and maintaining their health during the postpartum period, the product has been designed by experts specially for breastfeeding women as it provides them with reasonable and balanced levels of vitamins And minerals, and works greatly to support the health of the child because it contains DHA needed to support eye and brain health for the infant, and calcium to strengthen the teeth and bones in the body, and pregnacare breastfeeding works to increase energy levels in the mother’s body as she is lean during that period due to lack of vitamins. It contains iron, so Pregnacare helps the mother not to suffer from anemia or anemia, which exposes the mother to humor, general weakness, and difficulty in concentrating and may lead to increased hair loss during that period, so taking Pregnacare tablets preserves the mother and the infant, as the infant’s iron stock ends after The end of the first six months, as he feeds the baby through breast milk.

How to use Pregnacare for breastfeeding:
Take two (2) tablets per day of Brignacare with an omega capsule, preferably with a meal.

Keep in a cool, dry place.
keep away from the reach of the children.
Do not exceed recommended doses.


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