Osteocare tablet


Osteocare pills for pregnant and breastfeeding women are a nutritional supplement that supplies the body with a set of elements necessary for the health and construction of the body, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D.


Osteocare benefits
Osteocare is a nutritional supplement that supplies the body with calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, so it is used in the case of:
* Calcium deficiency for pregnant and lactating women
* Osteoporosis
Rickets or rickets

Osteocare pills for pregnant women
Osteocare tablets for pregnant women are used as a nutritional supplement to provide the mother and the fetus with their calcium and magnesium needs, which are necessary for the formation and building of the body.

When to take osteocare calcium pills for pregnant women?
In societies where the lack of adequate calcium intake is common, it is advisable to use dietary calcium supplements to prevent preeclampsia that causes high blood pressure, excessive fluid retention in the body, and protein in the urine, especially in women who have a higher risk of infection. In this case, it is recommended in this case to give 1.5-2 g of calcium daily from the twentieth week of pregnancy until its end
When does a pregnant woman leave calcium pills?
Usually calcium pills do not harm the health of the mother, and the pills should not be left without consulting a doctor because pregnant women need to meet their calcium needs.


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