Centrum women 120 tablet


Centrum for women – Centrum for women is a nutritional supplement that contains many of the daily vitamins and minerals that women especially need, and is used to provide the necessary energy, improve immunity, maintain bone strength, and maintain the beauty of women because it contains vitamins that are involved in solving skin and hair problems.

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Detailed product description:
Centrum women – Centrum for women is a complete set of multivitamins and minerals for women in a gluten-free food supplement, and it is one of the famous Centrum vitamins that work to supply the body with all vitamins, centrum women – Centrum works to support the general health of women as it contains many vitamins such as E. And D and B, which is beneficial for the health of the immune system and strengthening the heart, as it plays a role in strengthening the blood vessels, which prevents the occurrence of heart diseases in the future, and also works on the health and safety of the eyes because it contains lutein, which is one of the strongest effective substances to preserve the eye, and it plays Centromes play an effective role in the integrity of bones and teeth and increase energy in the body.

How to use Centrum pills:

Take one tablet once daily, with or without food, but with a small amount of water.


Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Keep out of reach of children.


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