Centrum silver women +50


Centrum silver women – Centrum Silver for women is the ideal nutritional supplement for women over fifty years of age, as it contains vitamins and minerals that compensate for the lack of vitamins in a woman’s body at this age, and thus it protects against osteoporosis and muscle and bone pain.

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Detailed product description:
Centrum silver women – Centrum silver for women is the most popular tablet and it is considered the best nutritional supplement that contains many vitamins and minerals needed for a woman’s body after the age of fifty, as women lose many vitamins after menopause and the loss of vitamins may increase the incidence of diseases, as With hormonal fluctuations, the percentage of calcium and vitamin D decreases dangerously, which is the main cause of pain and osteoporosis or rickets, as well as bone fractures and the difficulty of healing which may lead, and therefore Centrum Silver Women – Centrum Silver for Women contains high and calculated levels of vitamin D and calcium, especially. Its importance appears in that the results appear quickly and meet the needs of the body. Centrum is a variety of plants, herbs and natural oils that help stimulate blood circulation, contribute to protecting the immune system and thus prevent diseases.

How to use Centrum Silver pills:
One tablet per day.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Keep out of reach of children.



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